Love, Actually.

Christmas movies have always given me false realities. I don’t think anyone can truthfully say they’re immune to all of the mushy holiday magic — it leaves us all with incredibly high expectations at the holidays, wondering when our “Hallmark moment” is going to happen. I will never be convinced that we don’t all expectContinue reading “Love, Actually.”

One. Two. Three

I’m not sure I’ll ever reach a point in my life where goodbyes become easy. I have a tendency to hold onto things tighter when it’s time to let go. Counting myself off was the only way I could force myself to walk away this time. A simple “one. two. three” was the only bufferContinue reading “One. Two. Three”

The Class of 2020

My best friends and I unintentionally skipped the last day of school. Third quarter had drained us, we were tired, the finish line was in sight, and one day off before spring break seemed harmless. That Friday was sunny and beautiful, one of the first real spring days. It was freeing. We were finally onContinue reading “The Class of 2020”

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